Regulatory compliant DeFi

Decentralized community-driven funding protocol for Web3.

Polimec enables fundraising in a decentralized, transparent, and regulatory compliant manner, aligning stakeholder incentives during and beyond the fundraise.

  • Regulatory Compliant

    Network participants on Polimec must claim credentials verified by trusted third parties in a novel know your customer (KYC)/anti-money laundering (AML) process. Credentials are pseudonymous, and no personal information is stored on-chain - hence all transactions and network participants on Polimec can be processed in a regulatory compliant and secure manner.

    polimec-Regulatory Compliant
  • Accessible & Sustainable

    Polimec’s decentralized approach grants access to early-stage funding on a global scale. Retail, professional, and institutional participants gain access at a similar price with transparent terms. Bringing together the various stakeholders is essential to increase community awareness and engagement while benefiting from a broad funding base.

    polimec-Accessible & Sustainable
  • Independent & Efficient

    The protocol executes trustless and automated token transfers, eliminating counterparty risks and human errors in the funding process. This results in increased security, time certainty in funding cycles, and no upfront or participation fees.

    polimec-Independent & Efficient

Funding Process

The Polimec funding process is divided into five distinct phases:

  • polimec-funding-On-Chain Credentials

    On-Chain Credentials

    Stakeholder Verification

    Network participants claim KYC credentials, which are required to gain access to the functionalities on Polimec.

  • polimec-funding-Funding Application

    Funding Application

    Project Data Provision

    Issuer applies for funding, providing all required information and funding round specifications.

  • polimec-funding-Evaluation


    Community Due Diligence

    Minimum backing is required for a project to progress to the funding round.

  • polimec-funding-Funding Round

    Funding Round

    Funding Access

    Participants gain access to the funding rounds based on their credential category.

  • polimec-funding-Issuance & Migration

    Issuance & Migration

    Contribution Token Distribution

    Contribution tokens are automatically issued and distributed to the participants, and eventually converted to the project's mainnet token at launch.


  • Trustless

  • Collaborative

  • Accessible

  • Inclusive

  • Transparent

  • Efficient


Polimec`s native PLMC token grants access to four distinct utilities:

  • polimec-Evaluation


    PLMC holders perform evaluations and signal their confidence in a project by bonding PLMC. Their backing is decisive for a project to proceed to a funding round. Evaluators are rewarded for correct evaluations, or slashed for incorrect ones.

  • polimec-Participation


    PLMC holders gain access to funding rounds by bonding PLMC and participate with other cryptocurrencies (e.g. stablecoins, DOT, KSM).

  • polimec-Staking


    PLMC holders earn staking rewards by nominating collators. In doing so, they get rewarded for providing stability to the network and contributing to validating transactions.

  • polimec-Governance


    PLMC holders determine the direction of the protocol by deciding on topics such as protocol development, the implementation of new network features, and more.


  • 2020

    • Project History

      KILT develops the first concept in 2020, laying the basis for a fundraising mechanism for the Polkadot ecosystem.
  • 2022


    • Polimec Team

      KILT hands over Polimec to a new and dedicated team with the capacity needed to deliver the vision of a decentralized funding protocol for Web3.
  • 2022


    • Foundation Incorporation

      The Polimec Foundation is incorporated in Zug, Switzerland, dedicated to developing, growing, and promoting Polimec.
  • 2022


    • Project Publications

      The release of the new Polimec lightpaper/whitepaper provides details about the protocol’s evolution and functionalities.
  • 2022


    • Brand Release

      Release of the new Polimec branding, including website and other brand assets.
    • Substrate Builders Program

      Polimec joins the Substrate Builders Program, which ensures access to Parity`s extensive resources.
  • 2023


    • Private Testnet

      Polimec private testnet goes live with the initial pilot stakeholders to the platform.
    • Substrate Builders Program Level 1

      Polimec earns its "BUILDER LEVEL 1" badge as part of the substrate builders program.
    • Ambassador Program

      Polimec initiates its ambassador program and attracts 120+ curated ambassadors from 45+ countries.
  • 2023


    • Minimum Viable Product

      The minimum viable product developed together with Polimec’s collaboration partners goes live as first pilot case including on-chain credentials.
  • 2023


    • Issuer Onboarding

      Polimec starts to onboard the first project issuers, which aim to raise funds on Polimec.
    • Evaluator Onboarding

      Evaluators capable of evaluating projects prior to a fundraise are onboarded.
    • Participant Onboarding

      Participants who want to participate in funding rounds are onboarded. They range from retail and professional to institutional participants.
  • 2023


    • Parachain Auction

      Polimec participates in a parachain auction for securing its parachain slot on Polkadot.
    • Token Generation

      Token generation event for Polimec’s native token PLMC.
  • 2024


    • Protocol Full Launch

      Mainnet operations with complete protocol features, including Evaluation, Participation, Staking, and Governance mechanisms are live.
    • First Fundraise

      Polimec will be open for the first project issuers to structure their fundraise and submit their funding applications.
  • 2024


    • EVM Integration

      Establishment of a bridge for stablecoins between EVM-compatible chains and Polimec.
    • Expanded FIAT On/Off-ramps

      Implementation of additional solutions for fiat currency onboarding and offboarding.
  • 2024


    • New Application Rollouts

      Deployment of additional applications on Polimec designed to generate yield for protocol users.
  • 2024


    • Full EVM Integration

      Enabling of direct token distribution from EVM-compatible mainnets to user wallets within the Polimec ecosystem.
  • 2025

    • WebAssembly (WASM) Integration

      Polimec empowers any programming language that can be interpreted or compiled into WASM to expand the network.

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